Southwest Minnesota Churches
A contemporary church directory to research, locate and manage churches of all denominations in southwestern Minnesota.  Look at specific information and data for cities in southwestern Minnesota by clicking on one of the links next to the city name.  Access local chamber and city sites, check out local news and weather or go to your favorite national news site by using the drop down menus toward the top of the page.
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BALATON AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
Balaton United Methodist Church 222 1st StreetWeekly Services(507) 734-4811[edit]
Saint Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church 260 3rd StreetWeekly Services(507) 734-6691[edit]
Skandia Evangelical Free Church 722 221st StreetWeekly Services(507) 734-4944[edit]
Trinity Lutheran Church 500 Summit AveWeekly Services(507) 734-5171[edit]
Victory Christian Church 1010 Lake Yankton Ave.Weekly Services(507) 734-2771[edit]
BREWSTER AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
Sacred Heart Catholic Church 516 10th StreetWeekly Services(507) 842-5545[edit]
DOVRAY AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
Our Savior's Lutheran Church 246 HaysWeekly Services(507) 274-5604[edit]
EDGERTON AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
Bethel Christian Reformed Church 610 Main StWeekly Services(507) 442-3063[edit]
First Christian Reformed Church 125 Center St EWeekly Services(507) 442-6701[edit]
First Presbyterian Church 501 7th Ave WWeekly Services(507) 442-3121[edit]
First Reformed Church 230 W Maple StWeekly Services(507) 442-6471[edit]
Protestant Reformed Church 321 W Maple StWeekly Services(507) 442-3555[edit]
ELKTON AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
First Baptist Church 301 Elk StWeekly Services(605) 542-5351[edit]
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church 509 Elk StWeekly Services(605) 542-7601[edit]
FULDA AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
St Gabriel's Church 309 W Lake AveWeekly Services(507) 425-2405[edit]
St Paul's Lutheran Church 400 N Maryland AveWeekly Services(507) 425-2536[edit]
GARVIN AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
Garvin Congregational Church 511 US Highway 59Weekly Services(507) 746-4567[edit]
Lake Sarah Lutheran Church 1121 US Highway 59Weekly Services(507) 746-4531[edit]
HERON LAKE AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
Sacred Heart Catholic Church 311 9th StreetWeekly Services(507) 793-2458[edit]
HOLLAND AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
Christian Reformed Church 500 Sioux StWeekly Services(507) 347-3358[edit]
St James Lutheran Church 300 Carter AveWeekly Services(507) 347-3357[edit]
United Presbyterian Church 450 Carter AveWeekly Services(507) 347-3303[edit]
JACKSON AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
Fellowship Church 1229 North HighwayWeekly Services(507) 841-1578[edit]
First Baptist Church 921 Hills AveWeekly Services(507) 847-2369[edit]
First Presbyterian Church 601 4th StreetWeekly Services(507) 847-4722[edit]
Good Shepherd Catholic Church 311 N. Sverdrup AveWeekly Services(507) 847-3419[edit]
Our Redeemer Lutheran Church 101 Kimball AveWeekly Services(507) 847-3693[edit]
Our Savior's Lutheran Church 614 Logan AveWeekly Services(507) 847-2856[edit]
Salem Lutheran Church 500 North HighwayWeekly Services(507) 847-3861[edit]
United Methodist Church 900 North HighwayWeekly Services(507) 847-2681[edit]
JASPER AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
Eden Evangelistic Lutheran Church AddressWeekly Services(507) ???-????[edit]
Jasper Community Church 220 N Poorbaugh AveBi-weekly Services(507) 825-2729[edit]
Jasper Evangelical Lutheran Church 101 Spicer Ave SWeekly Services(507) 348-3276[edit]
St Joseph's Catholic Church 415 2nd St EWeekly Mass(507) 348-8306[edit]
Trinity Lutheran Church 401 Wall St EWeekly Services(507) 348-4186[edit]
United Methodist Church 300 2nd St EWeekly Services(507) ???-????[edit]
KENNETH AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
Kenneth Lutheran Church 340 N Church StWeekly Services(507) 283-4804[edit]
LAKE BENTON AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
Church of St Genevieve 119 S Sherman StWeekly Services(507) 368-4232[edit]
First Baptist Church 504 Highway StreetWeekly Services(507) 368-4319[edit]
Grace Lutheran Church 101 S Sherman StWeekly Services(507) 368-4243[edit]
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Winesses Hwy 14 EWeekly Services(507) 368-4315[edit]
Lighthouse Assemblies of God 419 Fremont StBi-weekly Services(507) 368-9303[edit]
St John's Evangelical Lutheran Church 113 S GarfieldWeekly Services(507) 368-4656[edit]
United Methodist Church 104 W Bluff StreetWeekly Services(507) 368-9395[edit]
LAKEFIELD AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
St. Joseph's Catholic Church 416 Broadway AvenueWeekly Services(507) 662-5819[edit]
LUVERNE AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
American Reformed Church 304 N Fairview DrBi-weekly Services(507) 283-8600[edit]
Bethany Lutheran Church 720 N Kniss AveWeekly Services(507) 283-4571[edit]
Christian Reformed Church 605 N Estey StWeekly Services(507) 283-8482[edit]
First Assembly of God 1075 110th StWeekly Services(507) 283-9070[edit]
First Baptist Church 1033 N Jackson StWeekly Services(507) 283-4091[edit]
First Presbyterian Church 302 Central LnWeekly Services(507) 283-4787[edit]
Grace Lutheran Church ELCA 500 N Kniss StWeekly Services(507) 283-4431[edit]
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church 220 E Cedar StWeekly Services(507) 449-5893[edit]
New Life Celebration 211 East Main StreetWeekly Services(507) 449-6522[edit]
St Catherine Church Rectory 203 E Brown StreetWeekly Mass(507) 283-8502[edit]
St John's Lutheran Church 803 N Cedar StreetWeekly Services(507) 283-2316[edit]
United Methodist Church 109 N Freeman AveWeekly Services(507) 283-4529[edit]
MARSHALL AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
Assembly of God 711 N Bruce StWeekly Services(507) 532-2506[edit]
Campus Religious Center 1418 N State StWeekly Services(507) 532-5731[edit]
Holy Redeemer Church 503 W Lyon StWeekly Services(507) 532-5711[edit]
Wesley United Methodist Church 202 N 4th StWeekly Services(507) 532-4010[edit]
MOUNTAIN LAKE AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
First Mennonite Church 305 7th Street NBi-weekly Services(507) 427-2237[edit]
First Presbyterian Church 1217 6th AveWeekly Services(507) 427-3209[edit]
Lakeview Gospel Church 1002 N 10th StreetWeekly Services(507) 427-2046[edit]
Laos Christian Fellowship 301 9th Street SWeekly Services(507) 427-3834[edit]
Mennonite Brethren Church 500 Klein StreetWeekly Services(507) 427-2538[edit]
Mountain Lake Assembly of God 701 3rd AvenueWeekly Services(507) 427-2215[edit]
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church 1418 2nd AvenueWeekly Services(507) 427-2451[edit]
PIPESTONE AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
Christ The King Lutheran Church 804 8th Ave NEWeekly Services(507) 825-5958[edit]
Christian Reformed Church 800 2nd Ave SEBi-weekly Services(507) 825-5660[edit]
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 701 2nd Ave SWWeekly Services(507) 825-4145[edit]
Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church 1401 7th St SWWeekly Services(507) 825-5299[edit]
Faith Community Church 207 6th Ave SWWeekly Services(507) 825-2211[edit]
First Lutheran Church 401 7th Ave SWWeekly Services(507) 825-5837[edit]
First Presbyterian Church 301 2nd Ave SEWeekly Services(507) 825-5433[edit]
Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church 711 5th Ave SWWeekly Services(507) 562-5555[edit]
Our Saviour's Lutheran Church 1102 7th Ave SWWeekly Services(507) 825-4124[edit]
Peace United Methodist Church 301 8th St SEWeekly Services(507) 825-4348[edit]
Salem United Methodist Church 58 61st StreetWeekly Services(507) ???-????[edit]
Seventh Day Adventist Church 831 8th St SWBi-weekly Services(507) 825-4604[edit]
Spanish Community Church 207 6th Ave SWWeekly Services(507) 552-0227[edit]
St Leo's Catholic Church 106 4th St SEBi-weekly Mass(507) 825-3152[edit]
St Paul Lutheran Church 621 W Main StWeekly Services(507) 825-5271[edit]
St Paul's Episcopal Church ??? 4th St SEWeekly Services(507) 825-5995[edit]
RUSSELL AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
Grace Lutheran Church 210 3rd StreetWeekly Services(507) 823-4373[edit]
Presbyterian Church 100 Front StreetWeekly Services(507) 823-4356[edit]
RUTHTON AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
Country Church 401 Leo AveBi-weekly Services(507) 658-3917[edit]
Peace Lutheran Church 900 S Smith AveWeekly Services(507) 658-3329[edit]
SLAYTON AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
Christ Lutheran Church 2959 Queen AvenueWeekly Services(507) 836-8569[edit]
Slayton Baptist Church 2642 Norwood AvenueWeekly Services(507) 836-8988[edit]
STORDEN AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
Amo Lutheran Church 39915 350thWeekly Services(507) 445-3101[edit]
Storden Baptist Church 4011 United States AveWeekly Services(507) 445-3955[edit]
TRACY AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
Christian & Missionary Alliance Church 311 Front StWeekly Services(507) 212-1205[edit]
Church of Christ 1st & Rowland StWeekly Services(507) 629-3833[edit]
Presbyterian Church 345 Rowland StreetWeekly Services(507) 629-4912[edit]
St Mary's Catholic Church 249 6th StreetWeekly Mass(507) 629-4075[edit]
Tracy Lutheran Church 64 Rowland StreetWeekly Services(507) 629-3563[edit]
Tracy United Methodist Church 162 Morgan StreetWeekly Services(507) 629-4576[edit]
Zion Lutheran Church 2nd Street & EmoryWeekly Services(507) 629-3653[edit]
TROSKY AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
St John's Lutheran Church 210 Ridge StWeekly Services(507) 348-7661[edit]
TYLER AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
Alliance Church 202 Linwood StWeekly Services(507) 247-3824[edit]
Danebod Lutheran Church 140 Danebod CtWeekly Services(507) 247-3001[edit]
Immanuel Lutheran Church 207 Willow StWeekly Services(507) 247-3400[edit]
VERDI AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
United Methodist Church AddressWeekly Services(507) ???-????[edit]
WALNUT GROVE AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
English Lutheran Church 450 Wiggins StWeekly Services(507) 859-2159[edit]
Heritage Baptist Bible Church 321 8th StreetWeekly Services(507) 859-2021[edit]
Methodist Church 4518th StreetWeekly Services(507) 859-2636[edit]
St Olaf's Lutheran Church 21953 County Road 7Weekly Services(507) 859-2767[edit]
St Paul's Parish Rectory 600 3rd StreetWeekly Mass(507) 859-2164[edit]
Trinity Lutheran Church 601 7th StreetWeekly Services(507) 859-2168[edit]
WARD AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church 401 223rd StWeekly Services(605) 542-4731[edit]
WESTBROOK AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
St Anthony's Church 1153 1st AvenueWeekly Services(507) 274-5946[edit]
Trinity Lutheran Church ELCA 914 1st AvenueWeekly Services(507) 274-6685[edit]
WINDOM AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church 548 17th St.Weekly Services(507) 831-3300[edit]
WOODSTOCK AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
American Reformed Church 130 Dakota St SBi-weekly Services(507) 777-4298[edit]
Liberty Bible Church 350 1St AveWeekly Services(507) 777-4293[edit]
St Martin's Catholic Church 101 Smith St NWeekly Mass(507) 777-4160[edit]
WORTHINGTON AmericanTowns CityData Wikipedia WundergroundBack to the top
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 1225 5th AvWeekly Services(507) 376-5798[edit]
Comunidad Christiana 350 Oxford StWeekly Services(507) 372-7976[edit]
First Lutheran Church ELCA 1200 4th AveWeekly Services(507) 376-6148[edit]
Lakeside Church 1000 Linda LaneWeekly Services(507) 376-9735[edit]
Solid Rock Assembly 1730 Diagonal RoadWeekly Services(507) 376-5770[edit]
St. Marys Catholic Church 1215 7th AveWeekly Mass507-376-6005[edit]
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